What is meditation and how to meditate?

So you wonder what is meditation and how to meditate? Despite what you may have heard meditation does not involve joining a group, paying any fees wearing any special outfits sitting in a funny position or believing in anything in particular. It is simple secular scientifically validated exercise for your brain.

How to meditate "the right way"?

It can sometimes seem very complicated and difficult to learn and like something you have to have practice for many years in order for it to be beneficial but that is not the case.Everyone can learn it and that it is not as complicated.Many people worry whether or not they're doing the meditation the "right way".
Meditation is simply a technique for relaxing your mind and body and you can't really do it wrong.
So don't be so hard on yourself and just start with a simple breathing exercise. Start by setting aside a certain time of day when you will not be interrupted by anyone or anything, most people try to meditate in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up or in the evening before going to sleep if you're not too tired.

Allow yourself to have a moment alone each day where you only focus on you and your meditation. Detach yourself completely from the rest of the world and allow yourself to be alone for the entire meditation whether it is a short five minute meditation exercise or 30 minute exercise.
The most important thing is that you start and soon you'll experience the great benefits of meditation.

What are the benefits of meditation?

After a while you will start to feel less stressed out and the small things that used to annoy you will now not have the same effect on you.Your health will quickly improve and your concentration and energy level will be greater than ever before.You can start by deciding how you're going to sit (no, you do not have to be able to do a full lotus position right from the start).
You only need to make sure that you're comfortable and sitting with straight spine which allows for better energy flow so make sure your back is straight in a natural way.

Try rolling back your shoulders to help straighten your back. You may want to sit on a pillow or on your bed, it is completely up to you. Start with only five minutes as it is very difficult to stay focusde when you're just starting out. Your mind is probably going to wander, you will feel restless and like you can't really relax. This is completely normal as your body is not used to relaxing in the middle of the day and your mind is always being stimulated by thoughts, music, conversations and so on so it will take a while to figure out how to meditate and get used to it.

But after one week of daily practice you will start to feel how it slowly gets easier and what's more comfortable after a couple of weeks you will no longer feel like meditation is something you have to do but it will be something you actually want to do and you will begin to crave it and feel like you need to ground yourself.
So be patient and start small. So, how to meditate?


5 minute meditation exercise:

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
The breath is the very foundation of meditation and when your mind starts towander and the “chatter” begins - you can always return to the breath to stay focused. Pick a spot where your breath is most prominent usually that's your nose or your chest or belly and just focus your full attention on the feeling of your breath coming in and going out as soon as you try to do this you're mind is going to go nuts you're going to start thinking about “what am I going to have for lunch”, “what do I say to my boss”…

Do not try to push away the thoughts or become frustrated, you simply have to acknowledge their presence without judging them or interacting with them and then slowly and naturally return your focus to your breathing.Breathe in deeply through your nose and allow your chest and stomach to expand as you are filling your body with nice fresh air and then you breathe out fully and slowly through your mouthto remove old tension from your body.

Let go off the tension

Again, breathe in slowly and deeply and then breathe out the whole worries and frustrations.
Once again we breathe in deeply, filling your body with cool air and then breathe outslowly and fully and let the air remove all negative energy from your body.Now return to your normal breathing pattern and simply observe it, pay attention to the physical sensation of breathing the cool air, entering your nostrils the expansion of your belly and the warmness of the air leaving your body. Allow yourself to be present without worrying about the pastor the future, there is only now. Allow yourself to be completely thoughtless as you’re onlyfocused on sensing the breath as you become more and more relaxed.

Your heart rate also become calm and steady as your body no longer needs that much oxygen. Sit in silence and just be and when you feel your thoughts start wandering simply return to your breathing.
Just sit in silence and observe the breath, observe the body.
Inhaling and exhaling, breathing in and breathing out.
So peaceful so calm and relaxing.
Now slowly open your eyes and stretch your body.

Meditation is a way of life and it needs to become a natural habit and something you practice daily

During the meditation your brain is going to go nuts and that's fine the whole game is to notice when you've gotten lost and to start over.

And then you start over again and again and again and every time you do that, it's like a bicep curl for your brain and it shows up on the brain scans (scientists have found this in the lab).

It's also by the way a radical act you're breaking a lifetime's habit of walking around in a fog of projection and rumination and you're actually focusing on what's happening right now.
If something comes up that is really strong, it pulls you away you get lost in thought, spun out a fantasy or you fall asleep don't worry about it. The most important moment in the whole process is the next moment after you've been gone, you've been distracted, that is where we practice letting go.
It's the whole game meditation is unlike anything you do in the rest of your life - failure is actually success, the whole game is just trying failing, starting again failing starting again.

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January 29, 2017

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What is meditation and how to meditate? So you wonder what is meditation and how to meditate? Despite what you may have heard meditation does not […]
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