How to prepare for meditation

Meditation has a calming effect on your body and your thoughts. It helps you to stop thinking and shows you how to just “be”, in an aware state of mindfulness. You slow your mind chatter by just being in the moment, noticing thoughts and putting them to the side until you just are conscious but your mind is still. Here are some meditation tips to help you get started.

Meditation tips - How to start meditating

Many people have different reasons for learning to meditate, so first, think about your reason. This will help you know which direction you want your first meditations to go and give you an objective for each. This is to say, a general goal such as relaxation, or how you can cope with a problem at work, or even, to think about what you want to do with your life if you have just graduated high school or college.
Meditation is a great way to quiet your mind and think of what to do in important life choices. By listening on a deeper level you will get a truer sense of what your real desire is.

Before you start your meditation session

You can shower or just wash your face, splashing clean water on it. The water will neutralize negative vibrations. Wear comfortable clothing and have a light snack and go to the bathroom before you settle down to meditate. If you are at home, tell your family not to disturb you for a while.


When to meditate

You can meditate whenever you want to. Each time of the day has its own reason. After you wake up in the morning is when your mind is at its calmest because you have not entered into the day and all its activities. Also, you have just slept, so it is most likely you will not go to sleep while meditating.
In the evening, as the activity of the day is winding down, so you, too, are winding down and it is easier for some to relax and do some meditation. Sunset seems an ideal time and it is thought that a metaphysical doorway opens then.

How long to meditate

There is no limit to how long you should meditate. It is generally for fifteen minutes to an hour. After that, if you are new, you fall the risk of falling asleep. Sleep is not meditation, so keep in a sitting pose and do not meditate if you really need to sleep instead.

Where to meditate

If you have a quiet place in your home, then make a meditation center for yourself there. Outdoors is always an alternative, but is weather dependent.

How to meditate

To start off, if you are a beginner, just sit up straight, either on the floor with legs crossed, on a cushion, or in a chair. Some chose a kneeling position on a meditation bench. Use whatever is more comfortable to you. Close your eyes and repeat a mantra, like a favorite word, repeated over and over to yourself or aloud. Then, change from saying your mantra to focusing on something.

Just breathe

Do this for about ten to fifteen minutes: just focus on your breathing, breathe in, breathe out, and quiet your mind. When thoughts rush in, don’t think about them, but say to yourself, “not now”, and put them aside. Continue focusing on breathing until you fall into its rhythm, and are not thinking, just breathing. Don’t expect to be able to shut all your thoughts off, it takes years of practice, but you can calm most of them and push others aside while you are in meditation. That’s all for your first sessions.

Another time, instead of your breathing, focus on a candle flame, or the wind, if it is especially blustery. The idea is to learn to focus on something else besides your thoughts, to learn to quiet them, and to be able to focus on one thing for a time span. This will bring tremendous value to your everyday life.

3 stages of meditation

There are 3 stages of meditation you go thru as you progress. Stage one is about ignoring your thoughts and finding there is something beyond them. Stage two is when you can stop your thoughts. The third stage is when there is no thought. You mind is totally at peace and tranquil. You have attained the next level of meditation and are ready to find a master teacher. These stages take many years, even a lifetime. Most of us are fine at stage one. Meditation is really about changing your life and can last as long.

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December 19, 2016

How to prepare for meditation

Meditation has a calming effect on your body and your thoughts. It helps you to stop thinking and shows you how to just “be”, in an […]
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