Facilitate relaxation and meditation

Facilitating meditation is about making ways to easily switch from the everyday world and get settled down to meditate. Using rituals and relaxation techniques will help you in establishing a contemplative state. Start some rituals now so that you can call upon them when you need to later.

Meditation music and other relaxation techniques

You can start playing some meditation music while you are getting ready to meditate. That should help you relax and get in the mood. Make sure they are long tracks so when you go right into meditation, the music will still play until you are finished with your session.

You can start your session by concentrating on a candle flame or a peaceful tableau of plants and statuary to engage your waking mind. Just seeing your table setup can initiate thoughts of peace and relaxation to your conscious mind and help you enter your contemplative state.

Clear your mind

One of the first things you need to learn is how to quiet your mind. As you clear out one thought, endless other thoughts and mind chatter squeeze in. It seems like a daunting task, but you need to persevere. You need to understand that you can’t force your mind to stop. You can do different techniques, such as watching your breath, using a chant or word, repeated over and over, to engage the conscious mind, so the unconscious mind can come through. When any thoughts slip in, just put them to the side, in your mind. Don’t force them out, just tell yourself, “not now”.

Some ideas to help facilitate a meditative state:

- Meditate in a quiet room without distractions. Dim the lights if you need to tune out your surroundings - Let your family members know you need some time and not to disturb you - Eat lightly if you are hungry before you meditate. Nothing is more of a distraction than a grumbling tummy. Same goes for going to the bathroom before you settle in for meditation. - Do any nagging task, like making that phone call, or adding that item to your grocery list, and whatever else may interrupt your thoughts later, do them now so you can be undistracted. - When your thoughts begin to wander, and they will, just keep returning to the focus of your meditation for that session and that will pull your thoughts into line. Don’t think about thinking, think about being.


Ending the meditation session

Ending your meditation session can be just as important as beginning it and you can reverse what you did in the beginning by looking at your plants and statues, or gazing at the candle’s flame for a few moments before you blow it out. Adjusting back into the world around you will continue the peace and relaxation you gained and bring it back into the world with you.

The relaxation techniques you learned for meditation can also be used in your everyday life. Being able to relax at a moment’s notice will be an asset you come to use, now that you have found the way to let go of situations that bothered you in the past. There will always be stressors that you have no control over, like money issues, death of a loved one, your teenagers, etc., but at least you have a tool to use to get you through these and to overcome the stressors you can conquer.

Relaxation training will come in handy for job reviews and other stressors found in the office and in daily life. Confrontations come up suddenly and keeping a cool head and staying relaxed will often diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand. You will also be able to tell when others are becoming stressed at work and acting out, and you will understand and be able to deal with these people more easily now.

Stress relief

Does going to the doctor or dentist cause you stress? Now you have a way to handle another one of life’s little bothers. You may also be able to help other members of your family shrug off the anxiety of doctor and dentist appointments.

You will be able to help your children weather whatever life throws at them if you teach them the techniques of relaxation. Your children won’t need to get uptight about exams  or other school matters.
Sleep disorders will no longer be an issue for you, either. It will come easily as a result of the relaxation techniques you have learned. All the training will make it very easy to just fall asleep when you need to and wake up refreshed every day.  You will find that you have more energy since you are not using it all fighting stress and getting tensed muscles. You can also use the aromatherapy scents you use for meditation to help turn off your mind for sleeping as well. The breathing techniques will also help you calm your body and get to sleep quickly.

Another way to use relaxation techniques is to relax and meditate before you make any financial or major life choices. It’s always better to think out these big decisions with a clear head.

Interpersonal relationships will benefit from your training. Whether between your family or friends, those little spats and uncomfortable situations should disappear and not cause you worry anymore. It won’t happen magically, but others will not be able to push your buttons so easily and they will wonder why. Over time, even your marriage will flourish and you will have a calmer, more satisfying life.


December 29, 2016

Facilitate relaxation and meditation

Facilitating meditation is about making ways to easily switch from the everyday world and get settled down to meditate. Using rituals and relaxation techniques will help […]
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